Happy Families

Blu's new friend!! 

Its a stand off between Blu and the BEAR!!!


As you can see in pics w/mule deer,  we constantly address her intelligence & we are not disappointed ! (Note the

leash)    If I remain "at ease" she takes the cue & "settles" in....howbeit, max at times !  These are wild animals.
She's good with doves, bird feeder life, & LOVES to give squirrels a good run, staying about a couple feet from them.
She's friends with a white-tail & her this year's lamb, although the mother deer is slow allowing her distance (she was
close friends with our previous Shepherd, our beloved Annie). The mother deer & lamb will still come to feed about 30 feet
from Callie. Amazingly, Callie respects that.  Callie has an unusual preoccupation with anything that flies...a KC-135 Air Force
"fueler" flys by & she stops & watches intently the whole time it is in view.  Likewise with hawks, eagles, & ravens.
4 walks a day is her joy with corresponding  3 meals & 2 snacks with lesser volume but total  for the day.  She has a very
QUIET existence but very active...loves music !  This pretty much covers her life !   Sorry to be so "wordy" but we wanted you to
know the life Callie is enjoying...sure is a lot of love between us & this "fur-bearing beast".    ?  ? !!
 Must add...our 4-legged child !

Hi my name is Hank, but my humans sometimes call me good boy, NOOO!!!, Leave it or Drop it. I have been with my humans for two days so far and I think I like th...em. They have two mini humans and they really like to play with me. My boy likes to drag a long green toy for me to chase, my girl tells me I am cute and loves to show me all the toys in my basket. I got to meet my Dad first and we spent our first night together on a tug boat! There is this lady human everyone calls Mommy I like her she is the one that gives me food and takes me outside A LOT. I am not 100% sure why but she gets really excited and gives me a treat when I go to the bathroom out there. She doesn't get excited when I pee inside on the floor she then calls me NOOO! I am pretty sure my name is Hank. I have met lots of new people the last few days. There is this Grammy lady that stopped over again today and she brought me a new toy. I like that lady and so do the mini people. Life is good so far!


Summer this is Michell I got Ginger the French Bulldog from you which we renamed Cece just letting you know how well she is doing she is doing great on housebreaking she is a delight to our family she is as sweet as she can be she goes everywhere with us we want to thank you so much for her we wouldn't trade her for anything in the world!


Golden Retriever Update:

Penny is such a sweetheart and so well behaved! Thank you again!!!


Just received this awesome picture from one of our families...

My Assistant...in a box of hangers!


I got Daisy from you at 8 weeks old. She just turned 6 yrs old. My baby!! Rhodes Family


These 2 handsome black Labrador Retrievers were adopted over the last two years...they seem to be enjoying themselves! Thank you for sharing Gage Family!


Spending the 4th at her new home! The Petscheck Family

Hi Jered and Summer,
  Attached are some photos of Mandy whom we got from you 2 weeks ago in WP.  She slept all the way back to Illinois and is the best little beagle.  She's so friendly, loves kids and visitors and is already sleeping thru the night.  You gave her great care in those early weeks.  Thank you for that.  We love her to pieces.  Our grandkids visit almost every day to play with her- along with their beagle, Marley.
We'll stay in touch.

Dick and Dee Pugliese


Jered and Summer, 

I hope this email finds you in good health. My husband and I bought Jasmine (French bulldog/Boston terrier) from you in October last year and I just wanted to send you a few pictures updating you on how she's doing.
She is honestly the happiest dog I have ever known and she wants to make friends with every living thing she meets. I mean, she literally vibrates because she's so excited to make a new friend. She has probably barked a total of 5 times since we brought her home but her choice of communication has always been whining...  She is incredibly smart and knows quite a few tricks like rolling over, jumping over our legs and walking on her hind legs. We just moved out of a smaller​ apartment and now own a house with an acre of land, so she loves being outside in the yard chasing the birds and squirrels. We're hoping to get a new puppy friend for her soon so she has someone else to play with, but until then, I don't think she minds being the spoiled "only child". Thanks again for helping us add to our small family! 
Stephanie Pelc


The two girls have such a good time!!! Izzy is exactly a month older than Sofie, but will probably be bigger, judging from her paws. Sofie is such a little Sweetheart--everybody falls in love with her!!! Thanks--we really love her!!!





Here is a cutie of Mr. Snuggles.  He looks like he is progressing nicely.

Vanaria 2016


Happy New Year. We love our Maggie Mae (Gracie) from your June 2016 litter. We never really knew our neighbors till we got her. . Everyone would stop just to see her , she's so dang cute. We got her and can't believe how good she was being crate trained. Now she spends half the day out and half rom of the house and has so good . I don't know if you trained a lot but it's amazing how good she is . I almost want to get another pup from you ....?


This girl was Christmas Ready with her sweater on!! Thank you for the picture!! Gogliettino Family!!

Daisy in her new Christmas sweater. 19 month old adopted 8/15. She is the love of our life!


Update from the Schwartz family!
This is Cruiser doing what he does best. He is my partner and is a great dog. He's 16 months old and is a great pet and hunter and tracker and very easy to train. Thank you for him! Merry Christmas!


Thank you Skorja Family for this cute picture!!

Parker -Pak say Merry Christmas.. he is our little "son", we just admire him!!


Maverick, a German Shepherd in his new home in Cali

Jered, my name is Dominic. My girlfriend, Danielle, and I picked up Maverick today. We are both blown away at the amount of care and socialization he came to us with. He has been everything we wanted and more. I couldnt thank you enough for giving us one of your puppies. Both of us are Paramedics and I am a Marine veteran who recently got out of the service. Thank you again.








I am writing to you in hopes to find out a little more about Porter. We have Handsome, a 2 year old Golden Retriever that we had adopted from you and we are interested in Porter as well! First though we were curious to see if Handsome and Porter were bred from the same parents? I am sure you have a lot of other inquires so I am eager to hear back!

Thank you,
Stephanie, Zach & Handsome

*And they are now adopting their 2nd Golden boy from us...


Nothing makes a better napping parnter than a dog!


Steere Family


Traveling is hard on a little guy! Sully finally made it to his new home!


Feilmeier Family 2016

Hercules at almost 2!!


I noticed on your web site that you are a family man and enjoy 4 wheeling with your kids.  Here is a picture of Hercules and my son 4 wheeling in the Rockies at about 10,000 feet, he was cold since it was in the fall and we put a t-shirt on him.  I have had many dogs and he is one of the most friendly and good natured dogs I have seen.  We have really enjoyed him.


                                                                     Please let me know what to do to reserve one of your new puppies.



Bryan Gage


Here are some updated pics (. Sort of, from late August) of Teemu(Drew), from your April 4th litter. He is a real charmer with everyone he meets, but has his bratty moments for sure. He is very healthy, social with all dogs and people he meets, house trained completely, slowly learning more commands, obsessed with toilet paper, and my best bud. Just wanted to show you how much he has changed in the past 5 months.




Hey Jered! 
Lance and I just wanted to say thank you for everything, we absolutely love Topper. It's hard to believe we've had him for 10.5 months! We decided that we'll be adopting another little brother for him in the next year or so when Top turns 2
The Olsons 2016


Hi Jered
Here are some current photos of my little Teemu. He is an awesome dog, training well, show worthy and in perfect health according to my vet, and the love of everyone who meets him.


Thank you,Summer Smith Premier Puppies LLC www.buypuppiestoday.com 417.293.0641
I was worried about getting a puppy online however, everything went very smooth in buying her and receiving her from the airport!!
She has been an excellent puppy and Jemma's temperament is also so precious!  To rate my experience with this company I would give them a 10!
I am so thankful to have Jemma!!!!!




We love her so much and is so good. She sleeps all night. We have changed her name to Maggie Mae. She got a clean bill of Heath from the vet on Saturday.


As you can see, Murphy is getting along well with his big sister. 



Hi Jered

I'm Cesar, just wanted to follow up, its been a while. Champ or Cooper now is doing great. That little guy has been awesome.


Here are some pictures of Tucker Bentley who was born May 17, 2015.  He turned out beautiful.   He just had his yearly shots and weighs 82.3 pounds. He loves to ride in the car when we go to the dog park and hangs his head out the window.  He loves people but he's very devoted to me and is always by my side or at my feet and sleeps on the floor next to my bed at night.  He knows all of his toys by name and has a toy box full of them.  I'm so glad I got him. 
Elaine Bigot


Here are a few photos from our first weekend together. So far she seems very happy and is adjusting nicely. Also, we are now calling our happy little girl Daphne ☺️

Thank you so much!
Gina 2016



Prince at his new home...being VERY loved!


He loves to chew on everything. Here is a picture of him chewing my broom outside!


LOVE THIS PICTURE!! Here's a quick photo of Lucy (June) I did in the studio. 3 and one half months now, about 17 lbs and doing well. Thinks she owns the place!


Our 2 beagles we adopted! Ranger and Lilly at home!


Abby made it to her new home with her 2 big brothers!! So sweet!! 2016

This family has adopted from us three times now!!! They have two boys, and have now added a new baby girl!!

The Ratliff Family



Thank you,Summer SmithPremier Puppies LLCwww.buypuppiestoday.com417.293.0641
I was worried about getting a puppy online however, everything went very smooth in buying her and receiving her from the airport!!
She has been an excellent puppy and Jemma's temperament is also so precious!  To rate my experience with this company I would give them a 10!
I am so thankful to have Jemma!!!!!

She is the perfect addition to our family, loves my wife to death, keeps us busy, is spoiled and rotten, loves her evening doggy ice cream treat, will even sit infront of the freezer until she gets it……with all the playing and walking she got, she does not put any extra weight one, at the moment she weighs 75lbs

The Geselbracht Family


A few pics of Riley (aka Kodiak, named after the most beautiful place Kodiak Alaska Smiling face with smiling eyes) getting comfy in his new home. 

Hi Jered


Attached you will see the latest picture of our Rosie, all pooped out after playing Frisbee



Lisa and Rainer


This is Oz! He is now a year old! He is a big baby, and real protective. He is a good example of what your puppies will look like! He is our show dog.


Here are Boo and Belle.  Adopted just 2 years apart and they have become best buddies in just a month.

They are such a blessing to our family.  What GOOD girls they both are.  Sweet and loving, smart and well behaved.  We couldn’t have asked for 2 better pups.

Thank you both for the wonderful job you do with these dogs getting them ready for their new homes.  Both adjusted like they were meant to be here.

Thank you again

The Cranfords


Hi Jared....just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying Saddie. She is 5 1/2 months old and is around 20 pounds.  I think she will be a 15: beagle which is a little surprise to me.  She enjoys long walks, running in the grass and the sand at the beach.  She sleeps with me a couldn't be a better snuggler. She loves to retrieve the ball when we are on the Bay trail here in Marin.  She travels well in the car and continues to annoy my 14 year old beagle that does not want to have much to do with her.  However, when we are at the dog park and Sadie get surrounded by other larger dogs, her sister is always nearby to protect her.  So, she does really care about her even though she doesn't let me know about it.  
I am attaching some photos for you and Summer...
All in all, I am just overjoyed with her....so thanks for your nurturing that helped her be so sweet.

Hey Jered- How are you? We adopted Belle from you about 8 months ago. She is doing great & fits right into our family. We couldn't be happier with her personality & gentleness. She is a wonderful family dog. We couldn't imagine life without her. Thank you!
Mandy Henry 9/2015

Here's a picture of our Lucy...she's beautiful!
Take care!


Dear Mom & Dad,
I arrived safely in Atlanta and was glad to get out of the carrier and into the loving arms of my new owner.  I road all the way from the airport to my new home in her arms.  She keeps telling me I'm beautiful.
I've got a great new home with a big fenced in backyard to run around in.  I even have a big brother, Barney, so I won't be lonely.  He's a little skeptical of me right now because I'm so "lively" and all I've done since I've arrived is check everything out and play with all the puppy toys that were already here waiting for me.  I even have my own puppy bed in the corner of the kitchen.
I'm going to be checked out by the vet on Thursday morning to make sure that everything is okay and that I didn't suffer too much stress from the trip.  I guess she'll even give me something for fleas because I've been scratching, but not sure if it's fleas or the new collar that I'm wearing. 
In any case, don't worry about me.  I'll send pictures of myself as I grow up.  Thanks for sending me to this great new home.  I'm going to love it here.
Tucker Bigot
Could not resist sending you this picture of our beautiful Meggie taken over the 4th of July.  She is the sweetest dog we have ever owned and we are so grateful to you for sending her to us. She is truly a gift.
Barbara and Rick Feeney

Wanted to send you some updated pictures of Dixie. She is such a pretty girl and so sweet!! We just love her!

March 2015

Hey Jered,

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say that we are absolutely adoring our beagle puppy. She is so incredibly loving, sweet, and smart. She is so playful yet still loves to cuddle and sleep in our laps. She is wonderful around our 3 children. They adore her too. She is so much more than we ever dreamed she would be. 
Thanks so much,
Mandy Henry
March 2015

Hey Jered-We love our Belle! I am from Louisiana and we wanted something southern for her name so we kept it and added an "e" to the end! She has been very happy!

January 2015

Just an update on our Beiya! She is growing and the vet says that she is growing at the perfect rate....she's healthy. She is now 1 year and 2 months!

-The Bryant Family 2015

Miss Penny just turned two!

-The Boivin Family 2015

Argo and our son enjoying nap time after a full day of play!

-The Schmidts 2015

We thought you'd like a "Meggie update." As you can see from the pictures,  Meggie is growing up. She is a beautiful sweet six months old bundle of  joy. She loves to be on our boat and is loved by all at the marina.

Hi, I'm Judy Bailey. I bought Daisy, a golden retriever, from you. She is a beautiful and happy dog. Daisy and our other dog, Montana, get along great. I just wanted to let you know how she is doing. Thank you.

We purchased a puppy from you 6 months ago and just wanted to let you know that she is the best pup ever and this has been the best decision we have ever made for our family. Our girl Isabella just has the best personality, full of life as well as being a love bug. Here she is in all of her glory with the endless amounts of snow we have received this year in Maine (thankfully Miss Bella loves the white stuff)! Thanks again for raising this wonderful pup for us.

Angela Ayala (and Luis, Tino and Rico)

Thanks for everything!  And by the way, she was completely  showered with kisses on our Easter Sunday.

 We love her so.

Hi. Just wanted to update you on my baby. She has a bubbly personality...a little hyper, but my daughter had a hand  in that. She has brought laughs and continues to amaze us everyday. She is learning simple commands and is listening a whole lot better even if she listens to no one else in the house...she listens to her mama! She has a vet visit tomorrow for her rabies and her spay surgery. Other than that, she is growing and doing well...very healthy. We did decide to change her food to Blue...I wanted something natural for her so we are in the middle of transitioning. Hope your family is well...I will keep in touch.

Our Radar. We bought him last spring and our son changed his name from Mack to Radar. He is the most patient and tolerable dog of our son, he doesn't let us pet certain areas of his face but our son can do whate ver he wants and pet him wherever he wants and Radar just sits there. We love him (2014)

We celebrated Chips 1st birthday on Feb 6th.. Thank you for such a great puppy.. We have had so much fun with him for the last 10 months. He fits in with our family perfect, and we love him!! Thanks again, Jason & Madeline Dansie (2014)

We are so happy with Lacy, just wanted to thank you again. We decided to keep the name Lacy and we gave her a bath and bought her some new toys and bed and she is so precious. Thank you again, my wife and kids and our other dogs are so excited and thrilled for her to apart of our family.
Thank you so much,
The Cabanes Family (2014)

Thank you for breading such an amazing healthy, adorable puppy with an amazing temperament. We love him. If you ever want to use us as a reference, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Charlie & Phyllis Guarino

I just wanted to let you know that the puggle, Bella, has been a wonderful addition to my family. Here is an updated picture of her. I am so glad I found her on your website. Thanks Christine DiMarino

He is really a good little pup!

Thanks !

Jean Crippes

Just a little update.
Paris arrived safe and sound. We were very surprised she came around so quickly since we assumed that we would have to wait to interact with her being that we thought she would be afraid or frighten from the flight, but to our surprise she wasn't. She accepted us to be her new family immediately! ( with many kisses of course! )and of course we accepted her the day with purchased her.
She played and followed us around our home all evening. She is just an amazing little pup! she is super smart and of course adorable. She caught on in no time to where we like for her to do her business  ( she's got it !) she has not had one accident in our home since she's been here. She stops when we tell her "no" and she comes when we tell her to "come".
We also took her shopping last evening and bought her several chew toys, a new bed, a girly collar and everything else she needs, but I have to hide my favorite fip flops because as little as she is she has managed to drag them out of my closet. LOL! its like she has lived her for a much longer period of time. Truely this is her home!
Last night as expected was alittle difficult for her but I took the rest of the week off from my job to help her transition the nights.
Lastly, our girls renamed her "Sophia Ginger Medina" and she accepted that name as well.
Thank you for blessing us with this beautiful boundle of joy! She will be well cared for and spoiled!
The Medina's

Hi Jered,

We wanted to let you know that Caroline (we are renaming her Isabella) arrived safely this afternoon and WE ARE IN LOVE!

She is settling in nicely and making herself at home! My Uncle is a Veterinarian and owns the clinic here in my town and he will be checking her over tomorrow. I can't thank you enough for this sweet little girl.


we purchased a puggle from u over a year ago named Topper. His name now Moki. He is the greatest lil guy ever. We wanna thank u guys so much.

We have some very excited kids! Thank you Jered! We love her...

Hello! I just wanted to send you some pictures of Hank in case you wanted to use them for your website! He is getting so big and is such a little buddy!!! I love him so much!



The Gray's

Hi Jered,

I just wanted to thank you for everything with Teddy. I went to pick him up at the airport and he was smaller than I expected. I couldn't be happier with the decision I made to get him from you. He's also so well behaved, using the bathroom pads almost on target all the time. He's calm and loves to snuggle just like you said. Thank you so much for my little bundle of joy. He's so perfect!


Hi Jered,
Our kids gave Penny a new name, Stella and they absolutely love her. She's doing great and getting lots of affection and praise for using her wee wee pads. We reward her with a treat every time she uses the pads. She just got her 10 week shots today. I also registered her with Homeward Bound Pet.
Thank you,
Alex Norton


Hi Jared!
Just wanted to thank you for the perfect new puppy.  We had a vet check this afternoon and he said I picked a good one. They will mail me to office notes once they're complete and I can send them to you. I believe it's what you require for your health guarantee. Anyways, thanks again. We're in puppy heaven 


Just wanted to send you a picture of Kato (formerly named Drake). He is doing spectacular! Thank you for everything!
Thank you Jared !
We just picked up little Max and we couldnt be happier. He is such a sweet and active little boy . Hes adjusting beautifully . Thank you so much for everything !

Thanks again. Topper is the cutest happiest little guy. We think he's perfect
         Tim & Danielle

Hey Jered,
We couldn't be happier with the new addition to our family. Thank you so much for all your help and for giving us the sweetest little girl! :)



We received Porsche on Friday, she is adorable, very friendly, well adapted and my daughters are all crazy with her.. Thank you very much for everything, here you have a photo of Porsche with my oldest daughter…




He is beautiful. We are all in love with him.

I just wanted to send you a cute picture of Maddy... She's getting ready for flying lessons.

My husband and I purchased a bulldog from you. He was named Tuff. I just wanted to update you on him. He now goes by Diesel and is such a great dog! We get compliments on him everywhere we take him and my son's Babe Ruth baseball team made him their mascott. Our other dogs love him amd he is the boss for sure,I have attached a picture,thanks again for such an awesome bulldog




Jill and Martin Gray

Derby Bell, as we are calling her, arrived safe and sound! She's a little scared but is starting to explore! 

 Thanks !

Brody made it safe and has been doing wonderful! He has met the grandparents and other family members and has received toys from the neighbors. Thanks again for all the extra pictures of Brody and his parents. We absolutely love and adore him and look forward to many years together!


We will keep in touch,

Byron and Larry

Hi Jered,



Some pics of Abby. 




Boy, she is a smart little girl.  Knows her name and how to get what she wants.  Still working on the potty training.  She has a great danes kennel she stays in while we are not at home, and I have a doggy pad in there for her.  Putting her outside was tough cause its been soo cold, but my wife has her set up with sweaters and coats.  Getting warmer finally, and started taking her for walks now. Letting her out of her kennel when we get home and playing tug of war with her makes my day.  Had to be a little firm with her about her teething habits on our fingers but she is learning quick.  Have trained dogs before, somewhat, but not puppies.  Watching a lot of The Dog Whisperer and picking up ideas from him.  Like any baby she would "rule the roost" if we let her.  That said, we couldn't be more happy with her.  She brings smiles to both my wife and I, and we love her very much!



Take Care and THANKS again!



PS- My wife has already mentioned buying another pup.  Male one to keep Abby company.  Will wait some time for now.  In the process of having a house built with a big woodsy back yard.



Dan & Lilly Flanders
Hey jered. Thank you so much for 
tag he now goes by boog or
 boo boo ha he has gotten so 
big and is a joy to have everyday.
 He is now a daddy to three boys. :)
 hope all is well. 

Max made it to his new home safe and sound! Thank you again for working with us so that Max could join us in our new home! It will make it easier for my husband has to deploy.



Hey Jered its Jon, just wanted to let you know Angus made it here safe and sound and he is awesome! I was just wondering what kind of dog food you fed him and what flavor? Thanks A Lot!!!!!

Hi Jered, I just wanted to get back with you on Tinkerbell. She is doing just Wonderful we couldn't be happier! She is a very smart puppy and is learning very fast! My girlfriend was very surprised when she got her. Thank you so much for breeding such a great puppy! I never thought buying a puppy out of state would be so easy i was very impressed! Thanks again we are very happy with our new family member!

We love champ, thank you again

Hi Jered!

I've been meaning to write to you for a while about Drake - the puggle 
puppy that I bought from you.  His name is now Emmet :-).  I just 
wanted to let you know how well he is doing and how happy I am with 
him.  He is absolutely adorable - he gets lots of attention and 
compliments everywhere he goes.  He's adjusted really well, he is 
doing great with housebreaking and training.  He does like to nip at 
me quite a lot (especially when he sits on the couch next to me!) and 
likes to bite at my pants, LOL but we are working on that....!

He was 6.4 pounds when I got him on June 18th and he is now 11 and a 
half pounds, so is growing fast.  He spent some time with a dog 
trainer that I know, the trainer told me he must have been the alpha 
of the litter - not sure if that's true or not!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that he's doing great and I love him 
very much... he is exactly what I was looking for in a puppy.

Thank you!
Wendy Mai

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