Terms and Conditions of Guarantee


Before bringing a puppy home, Premier Puppies LLC. ( Premier Puppies ) wants you to know that owning a puppy means frequent visits to a veterinarian and that you will be responsible for all costs associated with such veterinarian visits.

At Premier Puppies, we do everything we can to make sure your puppy is as healthy as possible when s/he arrives, but puppies are living breathing animals which means health issues do arise from time to time despite our best efforts. This guarantee describes Premier Puppies commitment to you if a health issue arises with your puppy.

What does this guarantee cover?

Before your puppy comes home he or she has undergone an extensive veterinary health check and his/her breeder has followed our vaccination and deworming protocols. This guarantee covers health issues that may arise after the arrival of your puppy. This guarantee only covers puppies who are delivered [and have continually resided] within the United States and/or Canada.

Days 1-14: If, within 14 days of arrival, your puppy is found to have a contagious disease, illness, or parasite, Premier Puppies will provide you with reimbursement of reasonable and customary veterinary bills to treat such condition up to the purchase price of your puppy.

Year 1: If within one year from the date of arrival from Premier Puppies, your dog is found and certified by two duly licensed doctors of veterinary medicine (any reference herein to a "veterinarian" shall be assumed to mean a "licensed doctor of veterinary medicine") of your choosing to have a congenital or hereditary condition which adversely affects the health of the dog, and if Premier Puppies is notified within five business days of the first veterinarian's determination, Premier Puppies will provide a replacement puppy of equivalent value or reimbursement of reasonable, documented, actually incurred veterinary expenses associated with such diagnosed condition up to the purchase price of your puppy.

Years 2-10: For all breeds EXCEPT English Bulldogs, if, between the first and tenth anniversary of the date of arrival, your dog is found and certified by two veterinarians of your choosing to have a congenital or hereditary condition which adversely affects the health of your dog, and if Premier Puppies is notified within five business days of the first veterinarian's determination, Premier Puppies shall issue a credit toward the purchase of another puppy in the amount of reasonable, documented, actually incurred veterinary expenses associated with such diagnosed condition up to fifty percent of the purchase price of your puppy or, if you choose, a reimbursement of such amounts up to twenty-five percent of the purchase price of your puppy.

What is not covered?

The following are not covered by this Guarantee:

Cost of regular veterinary care, food, medicine, supplements, training, grooming, cleaning, or other costs of raising and owning a puppy.

Injuries or accidents, including, but not limited to, ingestion of foreign matters, choking, falls, scrapes, bumps, bruises, bug bites, human inflicted injuries, run-aways, car related injuries, injuries, and illness or injury resulting from or related to veterinary procedures (e.g. spay or neuter procedures, tail docking, etc.).

Behavior, personality, or temperament traits including, but not limited to potty training, chewing, digging, etc.

Appearance, size, or other physical characteristics, breed standards, or aesthetic preferences.

Hip dysplasia diagnosis in breeds that are known to be prone to hip dysplasia and are overweight or over exercised.

Results of genetic testing.

Contagious illnesses or parasites that are diagnosed more than 14 days after puppy's arrival.

Hereditary diseases diagnosed more than 10 years after puppy's arrival.

Any health claims diagnosed more than one year after puppy's arrival if puppy is an English Bulldog.

Any of the following conditions diagnosed at any time in an English Bulldog: Cherry Eye, Entropion, "loose hips", skin allergies, elongated soft palate, small trachea, stenotic nares, and other normal conditions for English Bulldogs.

What are your obligations? You must fulfill these obligations, as explained herin, or this health guarantee will be terminated and become null and void.

New Puppy Exam: You must have your puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within three (3) business days of the arrival of your puppy. A copy of the medical record from this examination for the NPE must be sent to Premier Puppies by e-mail to Customercare@premierpuppies.com.

No Vaccines for 10 Days: Your puppy will arrive up to date on vaccinations. To avoid over-vaccination, you should not vaccinate the puppy within the first ten (10) days after your puppy's arrival.

Regular Veterinary Care: You must visit a licensed veterinarian on a regular basis and ensure your dog receives proper health checkups and timely inoculations.

Appropriate exercise: All dogs need regular exercise and stimulation. You should speak to your veterinarian about the appropriate amount of exercise for your particular puppy at each stage of its life. In particular, you should be careful to avoid over-exercising your puppy during its growth period.

Healthy Diet: Your puppy will arrive with information about the type of food it has been fed so far [and a small amount of that food]. If you plan to transition to a new food, you should do so gradually to allow your puppy a chance to acclimate to the new food. You should follow a recommended nutritional program, including feeding only premium dog foods and veterinarian approved supplements. You should be careful not to under or over feed your puppy and, in particular, if your puppy's breed is prone to hip dysplasia be careful not to over-feed your dog.

No breeding: Your puppy is intended to be a companion dog; do not breed your dog. If your dog is bred, this Health Guarantee shall terminate and become null and void. Your puppy should be spayed or neutered at an age deemed appropriate by your veterinarian.

How to file a claim

If you have complied with the requirements in Section 3 of this Guarantee and your puppy experiences a health issue that you believe may be covered under this Guarantee, you should notify Premier Puppies immediately by emailing us at Customercare@premierpuppies.com or calling us at (855) 787-7437. If possible, you should include a copy of the health records associated with your puppy's diagnosis and any other information you have about the health issue. After receiving the information you have provided, Premier Puppies will work with you to obtain any additional information we need to review your claim. In case of severe knee, elbow or hip dysplasia, the radiograph should be permanently identified in the film emulsion with: registered name and/or number, name of the veterinarian or hospital making the film, date of radiograph taken. Furthermore, the radiograph and report must meet the standard submission requirements of the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

Once Premier Puppies has received all necessary documentation regarding the diagnosis and associated costs, a Premier Puppies Customer Health Advocate will review your claim and determine whether and to what extent it is covered under this guarantee. Because of the detailed nature of the documentation needed to review these claims, this process can take several days to complete.

Premier Puppies reserves the right to, at any time during the claim review process, obtain an additional opinion by a veterinarian of Premier Puppies choosing to review any diagnosis submitted in connection with a claim under this guarantee.

Who can file a claim?

Only the original purchaser of the puppy from Premier Puppies can file a claim under this Guarantee. In other words, this guarantee is not transferable to any new owner.

How does state law apply?

This guarantee gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

What if we have a dispute?


If you are entitled to a credit or replacement puppy and decline to use such credit or receive such replacement puppy, Premier Puppies shall be under no further obligation and it shall be deemed that you have released Premier Puppies from any and all further claims and waived any rights to pursue any claims against Premier Puppies.


Veterinarian – A doctor of veterinary medicine licensed by the applicable state licensing authority.

Purchase Price – The "Purchase Price" of the puppy is simply the purchase price and does not include taxes, shipping, health certificate and veterinarian costs, shipping crate or any additional costs or expenses incurred or asserted by the you.

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