Benefits to Financing 



Keep your cash

A large ticket purchase can be a large and draining expense. Keep your cash in your bank account. Having a cash buffer can really help when you need it.

jBuy what you desire

Purchase the better product you really want with our Installment Lease.

Comfortable Payments

Instead of paying all at once, pay for your products in comfortable installments. Community Finance (CF) offers our convenient Installment Leases that are straight-forward, very affordable, and easy to understand.

Payoff Early

If you wish to pay off your Installment Lease early with CF you may always do so at absolutely no cost! There are never any prepayment penalties, early payoff charges or anything of the sort. In fact, we actually give discounts if you want to pay off early!

Skip a payment option

CF understands that there are times when it’s a bit tight to make a payment. In times like these, CF customers can choose to skip a payment with our Skip-A-Payment option. You just call or email us, telling us which payment you’d wish to skip. The payment will simply be put to the end of the term. There is no charge what-so-ever
to use this handy feature. Customers have the option to skip two payments within any twelve month period.*

Purchase multiple items with one payment

Community Finance now offers our new Group Installment Lease program! When customers want a larger ticket item there are usually accessories to go along with it. You can also purchase multiple items that are not even related. With CF’s Group Installment Lease program, all these items can be grouped together for one simple payment. Its completed with one contract and it’s all processed with a customer’s single application.


Community Finance’s staff has over 15 years of financing and customer service experience. We believe in the Golden Rule and will always take great care of you. If you ever have any questions, give us a call!

*Skip-A-Payment option becomes available after the first four payments.
Also, your two Skip-A-Payment options cannot be used back to back.
They can be used separately at any time.


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