Why Premier Puppies

Premier Puppies provides a unique approach to purchasing your new furbaby. We provide a sales service for top professional breeders directly to the customers. The breeders here are professionally licensed breeders whom do this day in and day out not just once a year. You want a breeder that is improving the genetics of the breed. We have a strict no puppy mill policy and thankfully due to the advancements in technology and improvement of laws most mills are out of business today. Premier puppies have a staff with over 100 years in combined experience in breeding and raising puppies so we know what to look for and we know how to select the right breeders to work with. ALL breeders we work with will be properly licensed through USDA and according to their individual state laws along with meeting Premier Puppies standards. Premier Puppies provides unmatched service from before your purchase two years after. We take care of making sure you have all required health documents, your puppies travel arrangements and getting you prepared for your puppies’ arrival. Don't get scammed into buying a puppy that does not exist or even worse a sick neglected puppy. Go with a company that protects you and the puppies.